Clayton Manley

I am a designer with a passion for utilizing technology to make people’s lives easier. That said, my passion for tech doesn’t mean every solution needs more, sometimes it needs an understanding for when to use less.

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360 Photography

I have created several of these immersive virtual apartment tours for realty company use.

Motion Graphics

I created this graphic as an answer to an inquiry that was made in a Pro-Housing group. I started by copying US Census data into a spreadsheet and used basic functions to compute the density, and then turn that number into a corresponding hex color value. The map itself was created using Adobe Illustrator and then motion was added using Adobe After Effects.

3D Modeling

I have gained experience with CAD software such as Rhino 7 working with both organic forms and precision modeling. Finished works have taken the form of both renders and 3D prints.

Game Development

This game, Trine Lines, has taken several forms; the initial creation and testing was done using pencil and paper. The current version is built using the Unity game engine.


Prototyped structure for a potential app, first with pen and paper, then with a proper mockup


I created this stop motion short from more than a thousand individual frames that were captured over the course of a day.

Game Production

Countermand, a game of fast paced back and forth against an opposing player, was originally devised with a regular deck of playing cards.

Custom Woodwork

I designed this map of the streets of New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ and CNC cut it into a wood slab as a proof of concept. Colored epoxy and tung oil was used to finish the piece.

Finished slab


This project had two constraints:

  1. It must be composed of a multiple of an item
  2. Supplies must be purchased from the dollar store with a budget of less than $10

Prototyping & Iteration

I was tasked with creating a furniture piece that took the form of an animal. Scale models were made to quickly prototype. The completed work was constructed entirely out of corrugated board, hot glue, and packing tape. It stood freely and supported 175+ lbs.

From idea…

…to finished product

You’ve reached the end for now…

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